Video Games Line-up at GottaCon 2014

Today we are pleased to announce the Video Game line-up for GottaCon 2014. Below please find our list of game systems, games and tournaments planned for GottaCon 2014, which will be held February 28 to March 2, 2014 at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria BC (720 Douglas Street).

This is the biggest year for video gaming at GottaCon yet, and we don’t just mean in size. Sponsors and prizing are insane! This year we are pleased to announce the following sponsors:

We have numerous additional major sponsors and organizers for our video games area including: HyperX, Gamdias, Cooler Master, Ubisoft (ShootMania and Trackmania2), Torn Banner (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare), Future Shop – Langford location, Bugbear Entertainment, BC Gamer, and Teamspeak. All of these fantastic companies have provided substantial support in the way of prizes and technology. Events sponsored by these companies are noted below.

Also new this year is our team tournament area and upgraded shoutcast plans. We are still working to finalize what we are doing for production and shoutcast but it will be very awesome thanks to our A/V Sponsors, Freeman Audio Visual.

For the first time ever GottaCon will have ten tournament systems in a staged area of the LAN where the top performing LOL teams in our championship will play. These ten systems will all be identical to ensure an even playing field. These systems are entirely comprised of hardware provided by the amazing sponsors list below. NCIXPC, lead Ivan Metelitsa, will be constructing these systems you know they will be reliable! Tournament tower sponsors are:

HyperX NCIX.caNvidia GIGABYTEIn Win Logitech G-Series

We continue to have two types of tournaments in additions to our public stations and BYOC seats: premium tournaments and secondary tournaments. Premium tournaments require a BYOC weekend pass or the BYOC add-on package to be able to participate in. Premium events will be more competitive and have higher prize payouts. Secondary tournaments are free to any attendees (access to a computer required) and may have smaller prize pools. These events are meant to be casual, fun and easy to jump in and out of.

The events listed below only include high level information on each of our events. If you have any questions regarding events please contact Kellan at lanevents@gottacon.com, for more details on events please CLICK HERE.

Logitech G-Series PC LAN

All LAN events will be managed by our dedicated events and operations team and cast live by eSports Collective Network to our Azubu TV channel. We will have public PC stations that are available for free play in the Logitech G-Series PC LAN but they will not be available for premium tournament play. We have increased capacity in the PC LAN area to 200 BYOC seats. These seats are available for reservation via purchase of the BYOC weekend pass or the BYOC add-on. If they do not fill up, they will be allocated on site on a first come first serve basis.

The entire event shuts down between 4am and 8am each night. During these times security will monitor the facility and no access by attendees will be allowed. Attendees that BYOC are welcome to leave their systems hooked up as there will be security overnight.

BYOC Seating

There will be approximately 200 BYOC slots available which will be assigned first based on preregistered attendees with BYOC passes or add-ons (this means you must have purchased a ticket to GottaCon 2014 either at a retail location or via our website) then on a first come first serve basis. In order to be seated as a team or with friends please make sure all of your team members provide a group name to our LAN HQ check-in staff. We will accommodate team seating as best we can but there is no guarantee of being seated together for late arrivals.

LAN Check-in

We are happy to have BC Gamer heading up LAN HQ and secondary events again this year so if you preregistered for a BYOC seat please check in at the LAN where they will assign you a seat and get you all plugged in. If you are showing up and hoping to get an available spot please check in at the LAN HQ and you will be assigned a seat if available. Be aware that our LAN was full last year. Remember to bring your headset, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, LAN cable (25ft+) and power bar.

PLUS everyone in the LAN will take home a copy of Chivalry Medieval Warfare and the new Logitech G-series 240 gaming surface just for showing up! Be one of the first 50 to check-in and nab yourself a NCIX t-shirt.

The Logitech G-Series PC LAN Will Host the Following Events

GottaCon League of Legends Championship Tournament

Format: 5v5 Tournament Draft, Summoner’s Rift
Maximum Teams: 24 – 4 qualified teams and 20 open groups teams
Team Registration: Click Here
Price: requires BYOC Pass and access to a BYOC computer that no one else is using during the tournament
Sponsored by:
Logitech G-Series

League of Legends has become our largest LAN event at GottaCon over the last two years and this year we look to take our tournament to a whole new level. We have increased our team cap to 24 teams. Logitech G-Series is returning as headline sponsor of our event with awesome product prizes and a chance to become part of their “Alpha Initiative” program, see prizes for more details. Combine that with $2500 in cash prizes to be won and you have a pretty amazing event! Matches will be casted live to our stream. All streamed content will be of our tournament stage area. We will also have a large viewing area setup in the LAN section for spectators.

Championship Tournament Prizes:

1st place: $1500 cash for the team and invitations to the Logitech G-Series “Alpha Initiative” program. The Alpha Initiative is a program that brings in aspiring esports teams to the Logitech G product development team. Primary perks include use of Logitech logo and Logitech G hardware for the entire team, assisting with the testing a development of future, high performance gaming products. To start off you get a Logitech G LAN Bag, G710+ Keyboard, G602 mouse and G35 headset (over $400 in product each!). Riot based RP support will be awarded as well.

2nd place: $1000 cash for the team and Riot based RP support.

3rd place: G602 mouse and a G430 headset for each player and Riot based RP support.

4th place: G602 mouse and a G440 play surface for each player and Riot based RP support.

GottaCon League of Legends Runner-Up Tournament

Format: 5v5 Tournament Draft, Summoner’s Rift, Single Elimination
Maximum Teams: 8
Team Registration: See below
Price: requires BYOC Pass and access to a BYOC computer that no one else is using during the tournament
Sponsored by:

The runner up tournament is a second chance event we are hosting for those teams that do not finish first over all in their championship tournament groups. The 2nd and 3rd place team from each group will be placed into an eight team Runner Up bracket which will also have prizes to be won.

Runner Up Tournament Prizes:

1st place: 120GB HYPERX 3K SSD + Riot Points support per player
2nd place: Kingston 64GB DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 + Riot Points support per player
3rd place: Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Reader With Battery Backup for USB Devices + 16GB SSD Card + Riot Points support per player
4th place: Riot Points support


GottaCon DOTA 2 Championship Tournament

Format: 5v5 Tournament Draft, Captain’s Mode
Maximum Teams: No Team Limit (Times are Based on 8 Teams)
Team Registration: Click Here
Sponsored by:

For the first time GottaCon will be hosting a Dota 2 tournament. Anybody looking to get in on a chance to show off their Captain’s Mode skills will not want to miss this event. We will have an open tournament with teams being split into two or more groups for round robin play. The top two teams from each group will advance to the semi finals and these teams will face off for a piece of our Dota 2 prize pool. Please find below our main event along with side events we will be hosting.

Teams will be randomly assigned to two groups and will play a round robin. All matches in group stage are best of one. The 1st and 2nd place team from each group will advance to the bracket stage.

Championship Tournament Prizes:

1st place: Gamdias HERMES Black Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + $50 NCIX Gift Card per player
2nd place: Gamdias ZEUS Laser Gaming Mouse & NYX Gaming Surface – Medium per player
3rd place: Gamdias EROS Surround Sound Gaming Headset & AEGIS Artful Accessory per player

DOTA 2 Reverse Captains Mode Tournament

Friday – 8:15 pm until finish
Sponsored by:
Friday night to let our DOTA 2 players get into the swing of things we will host a casual Reserve Captains Mode event. In this mode Captain’s pick the heroes they want the other team to play, resulting in either hilarious or painful games. Tournament format and number of rounds based on attendance.


1st place: $25 Gift Card to Future Shop + Kingston 16GB DataTraveler SE9 per player
2nd place: $25 Gift Card to Future Shop per player

GottaCon StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Tournament

Format: 1v1, Best of Three, Double Elimination
Maximum Players: No Player Limit (Times are based on 16 players)
Player Registration: Click Here
Sponsored by:
Cooler Master

Heart of the Swarm is well upon us, and GottaCon will be hosting 1v1 and 2v2 events at GottaCon 2014. The following format is based on 16 players participating in the tournament and is subject to change based on attendance or other factors.

Players will be randomly seeded into the tournament. All matches will be best of three. Map pool to be announced later (but will most likely be the current WCS map pool). Maps for each round will be predetermined except for Winner’s Final, Loser’s Final and Grand Final, which will use a map elimination system. Players are not required to select a race before a match, but must use the race they used in game one throughout each match (random counts as a separate race).

1v1 Map Pool:
Alterzim Stronghold TE
Daedalus Point
Frost LE
Habitation Station LE
Heavy Rain LE
Polar Night LE
Yeonsu LE

1st place: HAF Stacker 935 Case + i700 PSU + Skorpion Mouse Bungee
2nd place: i700 PSU + Skorpion Mouse Bungee
3rd place: i700 PSU + Skorpion Mouse Bungee

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 2v2 Tournament

Format: 2v2, Best of One
Friday – 8:15 pm until finish
Sponsored by:
Cooler Master

Friday night we will host a 2v2 tournament to give everybody a lighter event to show off their StarCraft skills. Format will be based on teams signed up.

2v2 Map Pool:
Crooked Maw
Geosync Quarry
Graystone Ravine
Isle of Slaughter
Resupply Tanker
Hunting Ground

1st place: i700 PSU each
2nd place: Skorpion Mouse Bungee each

Other Logitech G-Series PC LAN Events Include:

  • TrackMania: Canyon: Race for a chance to win cool swag
  • ShootMania: Storm: Fight for a chance to win cool swag
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013: Save a life, win a prize
  • Next Car Game: Sample what is sure to be an amazing LAN game and win a copy of the game
  • Dawngate: Test out this new 5v5 MOBA for a chance at prizes
  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare: Team Battles: Hand to hand combat has never been so much fun!
  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare: Duels: Test your skills in the arena for a chance to take home the expansion
  • Tricky Truck – Time Trials: Park an 18 wheeler fastest and win a prize
  • Left for Dead 2 Survival: You and three others stay alive the longest for prizes
  • Team Fortress 2 – Free-Play: TF2 is always a blast, come out for a chance to take home some swag

Take part in one of the many random LAN events for a chance at amazing prizes from our sponsors. Events like the wall sit, karaoke, paper airplane challenge, and more!

The following computer servers will be run for BYOC attendees and Public play by BC Gamer the extent of GottaCon 2014. Some servers may only be available for certain times/days so please check with LAN HQ each day:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • KillingFloor
  • Minecraft
  • TeamSpeak 3
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior
  • ShootMania: Storm
  • TrackMania: Canyon

video games at GottaCon 2014

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