GottaCon 2014 Magic: The Gathering Events Lineup

Once again Yellowjacket Comics and Toys along with a team of certified DCI judges will be running our Magic: The Gathering events at GottaCon 2014 and we have our most exciting lineup of events ever!

A VERY important detail this year is there is a set limit of 150 MTG Weekend Passes available for purchase. At the time of writing we are already 17% sold out. If you want to receive maximum value with regards to MTG events at GottaCon 2014 get one of these passes before they are sold out. The advance ticket price (until February 4, 2014) is $65 GST included. At the door (if there are any left) they will be $75 GST included. Entry into the MTG events at GottaCon will still be possible without an MTG weekend pass but only while seating is available and you will need to pay each individual events entry fee on site at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre.

Wizards of the Coast is supporting our convention (thank you Wizards!) and as a result we will be hosting two fantastic special events again this year. These events are a Mini Master tournament and an all weekend Intro Deck Duels. How these special events work is included in the event descriptions below.

The Magic the Gathering weekend pass this year will cost $65 taxes included and will include the following:

- Full weekend pass to GottaCon 2014 (valued at $45)
- One Pro Tour Qualifier: Journey Into Nyx Standard Tournament
- One Sealed Tournament Flight Entry
- One Mini Master Tournament Entry
- One Intro Deck Duels Entry
- One FNM Standard Constructed Four Round Tournament

As you can see the value of the MTG weekend package is very good and we hope you are all as excited as we are.

Below find a brief list of the Magic: The Gathering events you will find at GottaCon 2014. There will be thousands of dollars in prizes to be won in our MTG line-up. If you would like to see more in depth information on these events please check our TCG area of our website. Prices include GST.

Details on Events Included with MTG Weekend Pass:

Pro Tour Qualifier: Journey Into Nyx

Brought to you by GottaCon Conventions and Yellowjacket Comics and Toys
Day: Saturday
Registration Start Time: 8:00am to 10:00am
First Round Start Time: 10:15am
Player Cap: 150+
Format: Standard, swiss rounds by attendance (likely 7 or 8) followed by cut to top 8 playoff.

Pro Tour Qualifiers offer a Planeswalker Points multiplier of 5x, making them prime opportunities to add to your Planeswalker Point totals. In addition to the invitation to the Pro Tour, the winner of each Pro Tour Qualifier will also receive a bonus of 1,000 Planeswalker Points. The top 8 finishing players will each receive an exclusive Pro Tour Qualifier Top 8 playmat.

Decklists are required and must be turned in as we seat round 1 for this Magic Pro Tour Qualifer. Magic Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments are where the game really gets serious. The excitement level is high and the stakes are even higher. Players the world over converge with a common goal in mind — an invitation to the Pro Tour. This PTQ provides an invite and travel award to Atlanta, GA!

For more information please go to:

Price: This event is included if you purchase the Magic: the Gathering weekend pass. The cost to only participate in the Pro Tour Qualifier: Journey Into Nyx is $25 at the door of the convention. Participation in this way does not grant you access to the rest of the convention.

Prizes: Winner receives invitation and airfare to Pro Tour: Journey into Nix in Atlanta. Booster packs prizes for top ranking players after swiss rounds.

GottaCon Sealed Flights Tournament

Brought to you by GottaCon Conventions and Yellowjacket Comics and Toys
Day: Friday
Start time: Registration starts at 5pm with flights launching at 6pm

Each participant will be provided with six (6) boosters to construct a deck consisting of no less than 40 cards. Participants are given 20 minutes to register the sealed pool and 30 minutes to construct their deck using the sealed pool they are given. The tournament will consist of swiss style rounds.

Price: One sealed flight is included if you purchase the Magic: the Gathering weekend pass. The cost to only participate in the sealed event or to take part in additional sealed flights is $30.
Prizes: Based on attendance

Massive Mini Master Event

Brought to you by GottaCon Conventions and Yellowjacket Comics and Toys
Day: Saturday March 1, 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Player Cap: 150

Similar to what MTG fans experienced on Magic Celebration day and just like we did at GottaCon 2012 and 2013, this format is a fast fun way to play Magic! Each participant will received two boosters and have 15 minutes to construct a 25 card minimum deck. Participants will then be paired in a single elimination format with 50 minute rounds. The winner of each round will receive an additional booster and will have 10 minutes to modify their decks with these new cards. After round three deck size must be a minimum of 40 cards. Participants will then be paired for the next round. This pattern will continue until there in one overall winner.

Price: Free with MTG weekend pass or $10 at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre.
Prizes: To be determined, based on attendance.

Intro Pack Convention League Event

Brought to you by GottaCon Conventions and Yellowjacket Comics and Toys
Day: All weekend
Start Time: 7:00PM Friday Night, ending Sunday at 4:00PM
Player Cap: 150

Each participant will receive a random Intro Duel Deck. Participants may face off against any other Intro Pack Convention League participants in one game at any time over the span of the weekend and report the results, who won and who lost, on their record sheet as well as to the Yellowjacket reporting centre. Players are paired against other players and may not play the same player two (2) times in a row. The winner of the match will be granted two random cards from a pool of cards. The winner then may view and select one of those cards to keep and add it to their intro deck if they so choose and return the other card to the pool or cards. The loser will receive one random card to keep and add to their deck should they choose to. Decks must be a minimum 40 cards. There is no limit to the number of individual opponents you can play.

Price: Free with MTG weekend pass or $15 at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre. There is a limit of 150.
Prizes: to be determined

FNM Standard Constructed 4 Rnd Event

Brought to you by GottaCon Conventions and Yellowjacket Comics and Toys
Day: Friday
Start Time: 9:00PM
Player Cap: 64

If you didn’t do so well in the sealed flights we have just the event for you with our standard constructed event where there are a set number of four rounds of play and players receive one booster per win. Seating for this event is based on a first come, first serve basis and each player must sign up for this event at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre.

Price: Free with MTG weekend pass or $5 at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre.
Prizes: One booster per win

Other Events:

TJ Silver Power 9 Legacy Series (Pick a Mox)

By GottaCon and Yellowjacket.
Day: Sunday
Start Time: Registration at 11am, event starts at Noon

Starting this year, at GottaCon 2014, we will host the first of nine exciting tournaments which will each feature a first place prize of one “power 9″ card. Each year, for the next nine years, we will host one of these events.

At this year’s event we will host a Legacy tournament with the winner selecting one Unlimited Mox of their choice. Prizes for additional placements will be announced later along with more details. On the 10th anniversary of GottaCon (2018) a Beta Black Lotus will be up for grabs! This event will only continue if participation by the players/communities of Magic: The Gathering.

These cards have been generously donated by one of our very own Magic community players. GottaCon would like to thank, from the bottom of our collective heart, the wonderful TJ Silver for supplying the cards which will be available to be won.

Price: $10 (access to the convention required)
Prizes: Based on attendance

GottaCon Two Headed Giant Sealed Tournament

By GottaCon Team and Yellowjacket
Day: Sunday
Start Time: 2:00PM
No. of Rounds: 4

Teams will receive eight boosters to construct two decks in this tournament. Teams will be given 45 minutes to construct their decks. Teams will face off in a swiss style tournament.

Price: $40 per team
Prizes: 3 boosters per team entered into pool.

GottaCon Grudge Match

By GottaCon Team and Yellowjacket.
Day one: Friday at When teams are ready
Day two: Sunday at 9:00am

This year will see four grudge match teams. Two are from the mainland and two are from the island. The teams are as follows:

  • Team Victoria, qualifiers by Yellowjacket Comics (Greater Victoria Area) contact – Tyler Woolley
  • Team Vancouver, qualifiers by Magic Stronghold (Vancouver Area) contact – Jordan Woo
  • Mid-Island Crushers, qualifiers by Dice Bag Games (Shawnigan Lake and up) contact – Kristofor Wilson
  • Fraser Valley All-Stars, qualifiers by Wiser’s Wide World of Collectibles (Fraser Valley) contact – Michael Nixon

How to Qualify:
Contact the representative of the team you wish to try out for or the store hosting the qualifiers to learn more. Please note that individuals may only attempt to qualify for one team. Anyone found in violation (attempting to qualify for more than one team) will be eliminated from all team eligibility. Players are encouraged to try out for the team in their geo-region or in the region that they play most frequently in.

2014 Formats to be Played:
Standard Constructed, Modern Constructed, Draft

Team Composition:
Teams will be composed of nine players. One of the nine players will be considered the team captain and they will speak for the team. Each team will break their nine players into three groupings or three players, which will be called a cluster. One cluster will represent Standard Constructed, one cluster will represent Modern Constructed and one cluster will represent draft.

How Teams are Built:
Each team will host six qualifiers, overall winner of each qualifier will be offered team seat, if rejected, runner up will be offered team seat. Qualifier formats are up to the teams to workout. Each team captain will have two captains’ picks. It is recommended that only individuals that have taken part in at least one qualifier be eligible for captain’s picks. It is up to the team to decide who is assigned to each cluster.

Execution of the Event:
The event will be broken into two rounds; semi-finals and finals. Teams will be paired against an opponent in a semi-final round. Winning teams of the semi-final round will compete in the finals, losing teams will be eliminated. The two teams that advance from the semi-finals will compete in the finals and the winning team of the GottaCon Grudge Match will be named Champions.

Each cluster will face off against the same format cluster of the opposing team in round robin format and DCI rules. Each player in a cluster will face off against each player in the opposing team cluster in a best of three games match. All clusters will play at the same time for a total of three rounds for each cluster. DCI team rules are in effect during matches. Judges will be watching for slow play as a result of player to player communications.

Please note that there is a maximum of four of any one card in a constructed cluster (so you can only have 4 lightning bolts between all three standard decks and the Modern decks could also have up to four lightning bolts between them as well)

The team with the most wins in the limited cluster(s) takes possession of all the limited cards for both teams and distributes them among the overall team as the team sees fit.

Teammates may communicate with each other at any time, unless they leave the area near their side of the table. If they leave that area, they may not return until the end of the match.

Hidden info is not to be revealed. If a player of a team glimpses a deck type or card(s) in an opponent’s deck before the deck is made public, players are asked to keep this info to themselves. E.G. opponent watches a player shuffle and sees the cards then tells the teammate who is playing that player. First drawn hand is seen by a player, then a mulligan is taken, player should not share what they saw.

Point System:
Each match victory within a cluster is worth one point. There will be a total of nine matches per cluster which means a total of 27 points up for grabs. No ties allowed. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Magic: The Gathering – GottaCon Modern Tournament

By GottaCon and Yellowjacket.
Day: Saturday
Start Time: 2:00PM

Details: Each participant must bring their own minimum 60 card deck built using the current Modern rules and restrictions.
Price: $10
Prizes: Based on attendance

Magic: The Gathering – Commander Tournament

By GottaCon and Yellowjacket.
Day: Sunday
Start Time: 9:00AM
Format: Multiplayer free-for-all

Details: Please go here for details on how this event works and current ban lists:
http://www.wizards.com/magic/tcg/resources.aspx?x=magic/rules/100cardsingleton-commander Price: $10
Prizes: To be determined, based on attendance

Magic: The Gathering – Pickup Draft

By Yellowjacket Comics and Toys.
Start time: All weekend
Price: $15
Prizes: 5-3-2-2

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