Costume Contest

GottaCon 2015 Costume Contest

Sponsored by:
ZOTAC Nvidia Dragon Impact
By: GottaCon
Day: Saturday
Registration: 10:00am to 4:30pm at The GottaCon Photo Booth
Public Seating: Free, Opens at 5:30pm in the CHEK Special Events Theatre
Interviews, Deliberation and Awards: 6:00pm to 8:30pm – opened to the public

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, you’re welcome to strut your stuff at the GottaCon Costume Contest, sponsored by ZOTAC, Nvidia and Dragon Impact. Compete with others to win a prize in one of several categories. Judging will be based on individual costumes. Skits will not be performed (sorry).

On Saturday February 27, from 10:00am to 4:30pm, convention attendees can stop by the GottaCon Photo Booth (area 13) and fill out a contest entry form. At that time the attendees will have their photo taken. Photos to be taken include an overall pose for our photo catalog and one or more poses that will be used by judges to pre-screen contestants and develop on stage questions. Each contestant will then be assigned a contestant number.

At 5:50pm all contestant will be asked to congregate just outside of the CHEK Special Events Theatre (area 5 on the map). Starting at 6:00pm, our emcee and special guest judges will be introduced to the audience and all contestants will then be brought onto stage for a group photo op. After the photo is taken, the emcee will announce the contestants that have been selected for the on stage interview section of the contest. Unfortunately, not all contestants will make the stage interview section of the contest; but all contestants will have seating reserved for them in the theatre.

The emcee will then announce the first costume group and ask each contestant in that group, in turn, to take to the stage for a short interview with the judge panel. This process will continue until all categories and contestants have had their time on the stage.

Contest Groups and Categories

1) Novice
— Best in Show
Prize: Nvidia SHIELD Tablet provided by Nvidia

— Runner Up
Prize: $50 Gift certificate provided by Dragon Impact

2) Advanced
— Best in Show
Prize: GTX960 Provided by ZOTAC
Prize: $100 Gift certificate provided by Dragon Impact

— Runner Up (best in show)
Prize: Nvidia SHIELD Tablet provided by Nvidia
Prize: $50 Gift certificate provided by Dragon Impact

— Best Craftsmanship
Prize: $100 Gift certificate provided by Dragon Impact

— Best Video Game Themed
Prize: Nvidia SHIELD Tablet provided by Nvidia

3) Group Entry (3+ individuals to qualify)
— Best Group
Prize: $200 Gift certificate provided by Dragon Impact

Once all contestants are interviewed, the Judges will take a short break to discuss final deliberations. Contestants are asked to remain in their seats in case judges need to view costumes. After the break, the emcee will announce each group category, starting with Novice, then Group Entry, then finishing up with Advanced. As each group category is announced the top contestants will be asked to take the stage where judges will provide final feedback to each of the finalists. The emcee will then announce the winners.

To wrap up, all contest winners will be asked to join the emcee on stage for prize presentation, a final round of applause and photo op.

Special Guest Judge Panelists

Alyxx Mayr – Event Coordinator
Alyx Mar Hello, I am Dollie! I am so excited to be the Costume Contest Coordinator for GottaCon 2015. I am a burlesque performer primarily but I also come to you as an attendee, broad-spectrum gamer, cosplay enthusiast, and woman. Regardless of if we know one another or if this is a new introduction, I am excited to show you that I am passionate about GottaCon, cosplay, and most of all inclusiveness in the gaming community. I am so very willing and excited to aid in the growth of the GottaCon Cosplay Community in every way I can.

Andy Rae – Special Guest Judge
Andy Rae Andy Rae is a costume designer from small town British Columbia, Canada. She has been cosplaying for roughly a year and has become totally immersed in the amazing cosplay community, making so many close friends along the way. She specializes in armor construction and has created several large scale armor builds using a thermoplastic material called Worbla. Even though she has only been in the cosplay community for a short time, she has already won several awards for her craftsmanship and is constantly challenging herself with bigger and more detailed builds. She is very inspired by video games and many of her cosplays are based on designs from games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo. She also loves creating armored versions of classic characters such as Snow White, and just recently completed a armored Sailor Jupiter for a group with her amazing cosplay team, the battle princesses.

Janyn Mercado aka Lunar Crow – Special Guest Judge
Janyn Mercado aka Lunar Crow Janyn Mercado (LUNAR CROW) is a costume designer, video game and nerd culture enthusiast based in Victoria, B.C. Janyn started cosplaying as a hobby when she attended her first convention, GottaCon in late February 2014. She fills her ever growing costume closet with characters mostly from popular and classic video games.

Shantel Knight aka Zombie Bit Me – Special Guest Judge
Zombie Bit Me Shantel Knight aka Zombie Bit Me, Model/cosplayer/artist/gamer. Has been featured In Geek Fantasy Magazine, Inner Space, and has worked with some cool geeky companies such as Autodesk, and Dial up Toys & Games.

Ashley O’Neill aka Oshley – Special Guest Judge
Ashley O'Neill aka Oshley Cosplayer, gamer, full time nerd, Ashley is making herself known in the cosplay community as Oshley Cosplay. Based in Vancouver, BC, she specializes in Worbla armour and prop crafting, with costumes from World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Silent Hill. She gets a lot of artistic inspiration from WoW, a strong background in the arts and the cosplay community, and classifies herself as “totally obsessed” with this new hobby.

Scott Hurr – Special Guest Judge
Scott Hurr I make a living making things. I’m passionate as can be about it. A couple of my highlights are: A repro Tonks leather trenchcoat from Harry Potter And a full length S18 4Th Doctor scarf (Classic Who, Tom Baker, the red and purple one). I specialize in hand work and Obsessive attention to detail. That’s what happens when one starts sewing/knitting/etc under 5. The way garments create the character and the way the character shapes their costumes changes everything.

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