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Board Games and RPGs at GottaCon 2015

Poster 8 is a duo poster for RPGs and Board Games. There are literally hundreds of events this year in these genres so for more info you will definitely need to check out our website and warhorn site. Board Games: http://www.gottacon.com/major-board-game-events/ RPGs: http://www.gottacon.com/major-role-playing-game-events/ Next up, we will share our Star Wars – A Nude Hope […]

Trading Card Games at GottaCon 2015

Poster Time! Poster 7 is our Magic the Gathering and Netrunner line up. We just received word that our AWESOME $2K sealed MTG event (included in weekend MTG pass) will also be a PPTQ for season 2 thanks to Skyhaven Games! There are limited quantities of MTG passes so grab yours before they are gone. […]

Flames of War at GottaCon

Poster no. 6. Last year we ran a great Flames of War event so this year we brought it back, bigger and better! If you are a fan of FOW then you are in luck! For more info, please go here.

PC LAN Gaming at GC2015

Lets end the year with our BYOC LAN poster for our PC based gaming. This one is chalked full of fantastic and exciting events and huge sponsors. If you haven’t grabbed your BYOC LAN pass yet, don’t delay as we are expecting to fully sellout our 250 seats this year. Our LAN Operations team, BC […]

Console Gaming at GC2015

Poster no. 4. Gonna mix it up a bit and roll out our new BYOConsole poster! This year we are hosting, for the first time ever, a Xbox One bring your own console LAN (BYOConsole). Similar to our PC LAN but for consoles. We see no reason why console lanning can’t be as much fun […]
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